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Statista trial

Statista is the first statistics portal in the world to integrate data on over 60,000 topics from over 18,000 sources onto a single professional platform. Categorized into 21 market sectors, Statista provides companies, business customers, research institutions, and the academic community with direct access to quantitative data on media, business, finance, politics, and a wide variety of other areas of interest or markets. The database is now available from the university's LAN until September 30th 2013.

OAPEN Online Library

The OAPEN Library contains freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences. OAPEN works with publishers to build a quality controlled collection of Open Access books, and provides services for publishers, libraries and research funders in the areas of dissemination, quality assurance and digital preservation. The subject of Economics, finance, business and management contains 189 titles, the books are freely available.

Elsevier Backfiles on ScienceDirect

sciverseElsevier Backfiles on ScienceDirect allow you to retrieve scientific information that was not previously accessible electronically and is difficult or even impossible to locate in print. The Journal Backfiles Collection contains more than 7 million articles published before 1995. The articles are available through the ScienceDirect interface from the university's LAN.

The happy Australians - OECD Better Life Index 2013

Australia is the happiest country according to the recently launched 2013 data of the OECD Better Life Index. This Index allows you to compare well-being across countries, based on 11 topics the OECD has identified as essential, in the areas of material living conditions and quality of life. With this online interactive tool you can see how countries perform according to the importance you give to each of 11 topics that make for a better life.

Easier mobile access to the EBSCO databases

EBSCOhost Mobile 2.0 provides seamless access to the EBSCOhost interfaces via mobile devices without being forced to use/create separate EBSCOhost Mobile profiles. Using mobile detection technology, EBSCOhost recognizes whether or not users are connecting from a mobile device, and sends them to the appropriate version of the interface. Users accessing from a smartphone or other mobile devices are presented with an attractive, easily searchable mobile interface.

World Bank mobile applications

The World Bank’s mobile applications provide quick access to the Bank's data and help the research process with useful functions. The new DataFinder app highlights the progress that’s been made at the Bank since the Open Data Initiative was launched in April 2010. For the first time, the Bank’s data are available to users on any of the three major mobile platforms and in four languages with various features.