Library loans from 28 May, 2020

The Library relaunches its loan services at its Budapest location for Corvinus University faculty, employees and students from 28 May, 2020. 

Borrowing process

Loan requests can be issued by submitting an online webform or via email (

Please provide the following data about the requested work: author, title, publisher, year of issue. It speeds the identification of the work if you send us the direct link from the catalogue, e.g.

A maximum of four volumes can be requested at the same time.

Borrowing is possible from Monday to Thursday, 9:00-17:00.
Requests submitted until 11:00 can be picked up in the afternoon, 14:00 - 17:00,  or until 17:00 on the next workday, at the latest.
Requests submitted after 11:00 can be picked up on the folllowing workday, 9:00-17:00.
Based on requests submitted on Thursdays after 11:00, books can be received on Monday.
For receiving the books, please bring your library card. Wear a mask in every case and keep to safety orders.

Returning books
On returning the books, please drop them inside the dropoff box in front of the Library entrance from Monday to Thursday, between 9:00 and 17:00. Books taken inside from the dropoff box will be kept in quatantine, their reception into the library system can only take place afterwards.  It is only following this procedure that the books will be removed from your account.

In the case of already loaned books, the loan deadline will be renewed until September 4, 2020. We request, however, that if possible, bring your borrowed books back for the sake of readers waiting to borrow those books.

HeinOnline legal database testing opportunity

HeinOnline is a database of legal documents. It consists of several parts, with the contents of over two thousand legal journals, classic works of law, a collection of UN legal documents, and the constitutions of the world's states. The database is accessible until 31 December, 2020 from the University's network and via VPN.

Thesis Writing Consultation in English

Thesis writing consultations are available via email. Send your problem in topics like sources, searching, references using the online form. Your question will be answered through e-mail, but if necessary, we can schedule a meeting through Microsoft Teams. To register, click on this post and fill in the form below.

Thesis Writing Training in English

Thesis writing training in English through Microsoft Team. Come to our Thesis Writing Training if you need help in choosing a topic, selecting and evaluating sources, improving your searching skills or if you are lost in references. To register, click on the post and fill in the form.