We hold a print collection of about 400 thousand books, dissertations, manuscripts, lecture notes. The library provides access to a wide range of printed and electronic resources that support the learning, teaching and research activities of students and faculty. The collection focusing on economics, business studies, social sciences and related applied sciences is unique in Hungary. You can read and search the recent works and also the masterpieces of Hungarian and foreign economics literature from the 18th to the 20th centuries. The library is the depository library of the OECD. Approximately 100 thousand volumes of our collection are on open shelves in the reading rooms according to their subjects, the others have to be asked for from the stacks. You can gain information about the collection from the web-based catalogue, while you can ask library staff about the old collection, which has not been processed in the catalogue yet. The library provides access to a variety of electronic resources which become more and more important besides the print documents. These involve thousands of full-text journal articles, economic, business, legal and statistical information databases and electronic repositories containing research produced by faculty. 

 European Documentation Centres

European Documentation Centres are a network of information centres which were established by the European Union in 1963 to support study, teaching and research at university level. The EDCs are playing an important role in promoting academic interest in European integration. With over 400 offices across the Member States, usually located in university libraries, the EDCs promote education and encourage the academic community to get involved in the debate on Europe’s future.
The Library’s EU material collection is open to the general public who can also search it online.
Most of the information is accessible via the internet, through the European Union websites.
EU-related print journals and books purchased by the Library can be searched in our catalogue.

Recommended sources