Corvinus Financial Laboratory (FinLab)

The Corvinus University of Budapest opened its financial laboratory on 21 November 2013. The laboratory hosts 12 Bloomberg terminals, a widely used professional trading and data resource in the finance industry. One goal was to establish a Trading Room, where in accordance with the international trends, the Corvinus University of Budapest will be able to support finance education and research methodologies.

The exclusive venue that hosts the Financial Laboratory is nestled in the state-of-the-art University Library. The trading room atmosphere is genuinely reflected by the monitor screens that broadcast world market graphs, financial market data and economic data covering all sectors worldwide with 15 minute delay. The system also provides historical financial market and economic data of the Bloomberg database. All this is visible for the visitors through the glass wall of the FinLab.

Corvinus Financial Laboratory can be used by faculty and students of CUB.  FinLab is operated by the Department of Finance

Opening hours

The opening hours of the FinLab during the exam season and weekdays: 11:40 - 18:50.

During the semester, opening hours conform to the teaching schedule that will be continuously updated. Reservation of the terminals is via Moodle.
For first time use and other questions please turn to the demonstrators.
For further details see:  homepage of Department of Finance