Library services in the summer, 2020

Online sources are available for use all through the summer. In July, the Library also provides loaning services.
The reading rooms are kept closed. The librarians are still doing their best to to help the readers in every possible way.


Ask us or message the Library:
Ask us vie email:
Chat with us: July: Monday-Thursday: 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00 hours

Loaning services

Registered readers' loan requests will be fulfilled by the Library until 30 July, from Monday to Thursday, between 9:00 and 17:00 hours.
Borrowing process
Borrowing is not available in August.

Returning books

On returning the books, please drop them inside the dropoff box in front of the Library entrance. Books taken inside from the dropoff box will be kept in quarantine for 72 hours, and they will only be removed from your account after this procedure.

In the case of already borrowed books, the loan deadline has been renewed until 4 September, 2020. We will not charge any fees for the time of the Library's shutdown. Fees generated earlier shall remain. 

Library memberships for external readers:
The deadline of memberships will be renewed to 31 December, 2020, or with the addition of the time period lost due to the coronavirus, if that is more favourable.
It is not possible for new members to register.

From 31 July, 2020 to 30 August, 2020 the Library will be closed.
We will inform our readers on our website about the time and manner of reopening, which will depend on the health situation.