Disconnected: Youth, new media, and ethics gap

Disconnected: Youth, new media, and ethics gap / Carrie James.
Cambridge, GB: MIT Press, 2014. 167 p.

“Disconnected: Youth, New Media, and the Ethics Gap is an enlightening read, not only for its analysis of online decision making but also for its revelation of what youth have (and haven’t) learned from the adults in their lives prior to making those decisions. James’s work is relevant for any parent, teacher, graduate student, and professor who has ever wondered, in response to a young person’s ethically questionable decision online, What were they thinking? Upon reading Disconnected, however, well-meaning adults will realize that the question they should ask: What are we teaching? After all, the so-called digital natives were born into a participatory culture. Their predecessors should be willing to inform them of and guide them with principles of ethical participation.”
— Nancy Clare Morgan, Journal of Digital and Media Literacy