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Corvinus Kiosk is a newspaper that draws readers' attention to a wide range of scientific activities taking place at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Corvinus Kiosk Review contains a selection of articles and interviews in English highlighting recent events and research projects.

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Corvinus Kiosk Review - 1/2019

Selection from the 1st quarter of 2019


Meaningful work as a key to happiness

Amy Wrzesniewski organizational psychologist, professor at Yale was awarded the Herbert Simon Prize of 2018 by the Rajk College of Advanced Studies. After the award ceremony, she held a formal lecture in the Assembly Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in which she talked about the relationship between job, career and calling as well as the importance of how we interpret work. How does meaningful work lead to happiness? How do career decisions shape us and how can we shape our own work? These are some of the questions she attempted to answer on the basis of her previous research. Read more >>>



What kind of world are we creating for ourselves with artificial intelligence?
This is the most crucial question for the future

The seminar series launched in March by the Corvinus Fintech Center presents the topics of AI and machine learning to the public. At the opening event Imre Bárd PhD candidate of the London School of Economics talked about the future of the regulation of AI. The series of events was opened by Márton Barta Strategic Director of our university, and the topic was introduced by Dr. Trinh Anh Tuan Head of the Corvinus Fintech Center. Read more >>>


Personalized investment advice through a robot’s X-ray vision

I talked to Árpád Rab associate professor of the Corvinus University of Budapest , researcher of the Infocommunications Institute about a research project involving several departments and companies and dealing with the authenticated evaluation of financial products and services with the aim of offering personalized investment services. Read more >>>


Decentralized Solutions to Cooperation Dilemmas – the benefits of a financial network model in everyday life

On a peaceful weekend morning, I sat down to talk to Péter Csóka, researcher of the Department of Investments and Corporate finance about his frequently mentioned article published in Management Science, one of the top ten scholarly journals on strategy and management. What is behind the success, what are the takeaways?
Read more >>>


Kovács Balázs

From Corvinus to Stanford and Yale:
„There were examples to be followed”

Balázs Kovács sociologist, network researcher, lecturer at the Yale School of Management. He earned his PhD at Stanford University, his articles are published in top international scholarly journals. He had graduated from Corvinus University and used to be member of the Rajk College of Advanced Studies. We interviewed him on his exceptional professional career and current research themes. Read more >>>


Challenge or Solution? Issues of digitization and HR in family enterprises

How is digitization present in family-owned businesses? How are they affected by trends of the labour market? We attended the second conference of the Center of Family Business (CFB) of the Corvinus University of Budapest on 21 March. Read more >>>


Béla Erődi-Harrach Jr.

One of the outstanding personalities of the nearly hundred-year history of the Corvinus University of Budapest has been Bála Erődi-Harrach Jr. economist, social politician and professor. His activities are intimately linked to the first three decades of the university. Erődi-Harrach was born in the municipality of Kunmadaras in 1882 to a bourgeois family. His father, Béla Erődi-Harrach Sr used to be a linguist. Erődi-Harrach Jr studied at the Budapest University of Science (today’s Eötvös University) as well as in Berlin and Halle. He began his career as a teacher of economics and finance at the Trade Academy of Cluj in 1904. Read more >>>


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