Academic Writing for Students - Training

Need some help with your term paper, BA/MA/PhD thesis or research paper? Join our new Academic Writing for Students Training! This 4-part training for members of the Corvinus community will help you become better at communicating your ideas in writing in an academic setting, whether at undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate level.

Outline of the training:

Lesson 1 (25 September 2019)
Elements of an efficient writing process (choice of topic, idea generation, research, planning, writing, revision).
The basics of successful academic writing (relevant topic, clear claim, good structure, clarity, simplicity, audience assessment).

Lesson 2 (2 October 2019)
How to use an appropriate style (grammar, vocabulary, text organisation, spelling and punctuation, tone and approach).
How to have an efficient structure (main claim, thesis and support, arguments and counterarguments, introduction, main discussion and conclusion, acknowledgements, further topics for research, limitations, methodology).

Lesson 3 (9 October 2019)
The different genres of academic writing (term paper, BA/MA thesis, peer-reviewed journal article, conference abstract, conference presentation, conference poster): similarities and differences in purpose, structure, style, length and content.

Lesson 4 (16 October 2019)
Technical and visual formatting: page layout and numbering, title hierarchy, font sizes and font type, paragraph formatting, spacing etc. The advantages and disadvantages of word processors (such as MS Word) and document preparation systems (such as LaTeX). How to quote other people’s work in an efficient and fair way: good citation practices and the avoidance of plagiarism.

The sessions will be held in the E-Lab of the Library, from 17:20 to 18:20.

In order to participate please fill out the form below: